Posted by Jim on Dec 17th, 2009
Dec 17

I’ve created a Twitter account that will be used exclusively for updates related to this blog.  You can follow it by visiting @SoundsInside.  I’ll let my follower’s know when a new post has been published to this site, as well as other interesting tidbits related to The Sounds Inside My Mind.  The most recent update from this account will always be displayed in the sidebar, underneath my main Twitter account’s recent tweets.

Tweets in the Sidebar

Posted by Jim on Nov 17th, 2009
Nov 17

I spend more time on Twitter than I do posting to this blog.  Ever since I integrated my Twitter stream to this blog, there have been fewer and fewer blog posts and more and more collections of tweets showing up as blog posts.  I’ve decided to disable the tweets as blog posts feature; they will no longer show up in the blog feed.  My five most recent tweets will still be visible in the sidebar.  If you do want to keep tabs on my twitter thoughts, you can subscribe to them via RSS, but the best thing to do would be to sign up for a twitter account and follow me!

Twitter Updates for 2009-11-17

Posted by Jim on Nov 17th, 2009
Nov 17
  • Spending my afternoon with Dimitri Shostakovich and Kinky Friedman #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-11-15

Posted by Jim on Nov 15th, 2009
Nov 15
  • Doing some on-line Christmas shopping and enjoying a @HeavySeasBeer Winter Storm, a great ESB #
  • Expensive beer sighting: RSVP has around 20 Sam Adams Utopias in stock, priced $140 each (if I recall correctly, I didn't buy one) #
  • Ohio State is up at the half, Christmas shopping is going well, and it's warm & dry inside; this is a good Saturday! #
  • @GriffinClubMerv How about the folks who worked on the Black Cauldron? It's basically forgotten by Disney. Even Song of the South has a ride in reply to GriffinClubMerv #
  • Was that Tom Brokaw VOing the Iowa State ad? Wikipedia says he dropped out after studying "beer and co-eds" (his quote [citation needed]) #
  • @robasha Watched the Counterfeiter on your recommendation tonight. It's was really good. Thanks! #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-11-14

Posted by Jim on Nov 14th, 2009
Nov 14
  • This is the first wknd in a long time that I've hard no plans. I'll probably watch the Ohio State game and the Pats, but no other ideas yet #
  • Got my ticket to the @HoneyMakerMead Mead Crawl on 11/19. Much more fun than a midnight showing of the new Twilight movie. #
  • Really glad to see one of the cats at the Mill Creek @kennelshop has been adopted! #
  • The Pride's Corner Flea Market is an underwriter for @WMPG_Radio ? That's awesome. I've found some great stuff there. #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-11-13

Posted by Jim on Nov 13th, 2009
Nov 13
  • @ChrisCavs I once found out I didn't get a job via a blog post, but learning it through a twitter account takes it to another level. in reply to ChrisCavs #
  • @FLWbooks I really liked The Man Who Fell to Earth; I think I'll give Queen's Gambit a shot. Thanks for the recommendation. in reply to FLWbooks #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-11-12

Posted by Jim on Nov 12th, 2009
Nov 12
  • Off to see @robasha complete her Uprising card at Novre Res. 3 out of the 4 of us taking part in the challenge will be done. #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-11-11

Posted by Jim on Nov 11th, 2009
Nov 11

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Twitter Updates for 2009-11-08

Posted by Jim on Nov 8th, 2009
Nov 8
  • Set up some pull'd pork in the slow cooker for the post #mebrewfest dinner. Secret ingredient: most of a bottle of Moxie. #
  • What to do when you have extra Moxie at 9am? Make yourself a taster of Burnt Trailer. It tastes like you'd expect; I won't be having another #
  • Peak has a #mebrewfest exclsive DIPA at 10% abv. Yum. #
  • Casked Prelude and Longfellow at Kennebunkport/Federal Jacks #mebrewfest #
  • Sheepscott has a line across the room. Glad to see it so poplar! #
  • Boubon BA and cask Lake Trout Stout at Sebago. Plus free pretzel stix! #
  • I've gotten my annual “Nice chops man” at the #mebrewfest #
  • Love that Sebago's Kai Adams recognized me from Beer Advocate #mebrewfest #
  • What's with the jerks drinking Monster Energy at #mebrewfest ? Have they never heard of Rock Art? #
  • There are so many guys at #mebrewfest who look like Murray from Flight of the Concords #
  • Finding a stash of drink tickets is the best thing that can happen at #mebrewfest #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-11-07

Posted by Jim on Nov 7th, 2009
Nov 7
  • Apparently I'm in the latest #mebrewfest commercial. @jjriley Is there a place I can watch it online? #
  • Installed a new gigabit switch in my office. It's faster and quieter than the old switch I had. #
  • Had some Brooklyn, Allagash, Val-Dieu and North Coast at Novare Res tonight. @robasha is finishing her card soon; can't wait to celebrate it #

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