Twitter Updates for 2009-11-08

Posted by Jim on Nov 8th, 2009
Nov 8
  • Set up some pull'd pork in the slow cooker for the post #mebrewfest dinner. Secret ingredient: most of a bottle of Moxie. #
  • What to do when you have extra Moxie at 9am? Make yourself a taster of Burnt Trailer. It tastes like you'd expect; I won't be having another #
  • Peak has a #mebrewfest exclsive DIPA at 10% abv. Yum. #
  • Casked Prelude and Longfellow at Kennebunkport/Federal Jacks #mebrewfest #
  • Sheepscott has a line across the room. Glad to see it so poplar! #
  • Boubon BA and cask Lake Trout Stout at Sebago. Plus free pretzel stix! #
  • I've gotten my annual “Nice chops man” at the #mebrewfest #
  • Love that Sebago's Kai Adams recognized me from Beer Advocate #mebrewfest #
  • What's with the jerks drinking Monster Energy at #mebrewfest ? Have they never heard of Rock Art? #
  • There are so many guys at #mebrewfest who look like Murray from Flight of the Concords #
  • Finding a stash of drink tickets is the best thing that can happen at #mebrewfest #

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