Twitter Updates for 2009-03-31

Posted by Jim on Mar 31st, 2009
Mar 31
  • I didn’t notice until now that my number of followers has passed the 140 character limit. #

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What’s Brewing

Posted by Jim on Mar 29th, 2009
Mar 29

Today Nissa and I began the Lincoln Street Brewing Company when made our first batch of beer.  After buying some used brewing equipment this past week, we went to Maine Brewing Supply today to purchase a homebrew kit.  We decided on a red ale, and have named it Beer Drinks You Red Ale.  After mixing and boiling the ingredients, they are now in the fermenter, a 5 gallon glass carboy.

The beer will remain here for a week to ferment.  We will then bottle it.  It spends four weeks carbonating in the bottle.  We’ll be able to drink our first creation the first weekend of May.  We’re already planning on returning to the supply shop to pick up ingredients for batch #2, a pale ale, which we’ll start fermenting as soon as the red has been bottled.

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-28

Posted by Jim on Mar 28th, 2009
Mar 28
  • I give up on @WGME someone let me know when they provide real content on their twitter feed #
  • @mainelife Isn’t getting info wrong, as long as it hurts liberals, par for the course for Fox? in reply to mainelife #
  • We had a full network failure at SPHS this morning. I don’t like feeling like I’ve put in a full 8 hour day by 9 am. #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-27

Posted by Jim on Mar 27th, 2009
Mar 27
  • Just arranged to buy a bunch of homebrewing equipment. Maybe we can start brewing this weekend! #
  • The new iGoogle themes reveal some Mass Effect 2 images: Other games include Mega Man, Zelda, and Galaga! #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-26

Posted by Jim on Mar 26th, 2009
Mar 26

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Cellar Time

Posted by Jim on Mar 25th, 2009
Mar 25

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gathered myself quite a tasty beer collection to cellar.  It’s small right now, but I’ve got ambitions of eeping a good supply of quiality beers on hand.  My dream is to one day never need to go to the store when Nissa and I feel like having a good beer, we can just go downstairs and select something.  Here’s what I have on hand now (links go to the Beer Advocate pages for each beer):

Also, in our fridge we have a second bottle of Black Albert and a 750ml of Ommegang Abbey Ale, both of which will be consumed soon.  I’ve never had the Black Albert before, so I’m quite excited to try it.

I’m hoping to add a few more bottles to the collection in the next few days (maybe after payday).  Downeast Beverage has bottles of Dogfish Head’s 120 Minute IPA and Raison d’Extra, and a J. W. Lees Harvest Ale brewed in 2002.  Yum!  I also think my collection needs some Cadillac Mountain Stout 22oz bottles; you can’t have too much of that beer.

In other beer news, Jeff should be finishing his Novare Uprising card sometime Friday ro Saturday.  Good work Jeff!

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-25

Posted by Jim on Mar 25th, 2009
Mar 25
  • My watch battery died overnight. Looks like I have another errand to run after work today. #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-24

Posted by Jim on Mar 24th, 2009
Mar 24
  • Spent Saturday at my Parents’ house. Picked up some old posters and things to decorate my office with. April break = redecorate. #
  • Good film review: “There’s no real narrative; more like a bunch of scenes held together by the fact they’re all in the same movie.” #
  • Whiie @ladybugger is at her book group tonight, I think I’ll watch some concert films. #
  • I love discovering new beers at the store; tonight, Kennebec River Sled Head Red. Also picked up a bottle of Brooklyn Local 2. #
  • I didn’t hear the heat come on when I thought it was supposed to, but it kicked in a couple minutes later. I guess I was up too early today. #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-21

Posted by Jim on Mar 21st, 2009
Mar 21
  • I never thought I’d hear the voice of Huey Lewis over the intercom during morning announcements. #
  • This is one of those dull days where time seems to crawl. In order to preserve sanity, I’ll probably leave at the end of classes. #
  • Fat Boy is open and I want to go to there! Good thing I’ll be in Brunswick tomorrow. #
  • Listening to The Name of This Bnad is Talking Heads. Loudly. #
  • I’m going to end up as an old man who peers out at people through his drawn blinds. #
  • Drinking Canadian tonight: Unibroue Maudite in large red wine glasses. #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-19

Posted by Jim on Mar 19th, 2009
Mar 19
  • Got the assurance from my boss that I’ll have help dealing with the new MLTI machines. That’s a relief. #

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