Plate Pals

Posted by Jim on Oct 7th, 2008
Oct 7

There’s a little game I play while driving: I am constantly on the lookout for license plates that are numerically similar to mine.  Whenever I find one that is within a few digits of my plates, I get unnecessarily excited.  Yesterday afternoon I found a plate that is closer to mine than I’ve ever seen before (and will make it very hard to ever find a more similar plate).  I drive a car tagged 3305 PC.  As I pulled up to a stoplight yesterday, in front of me was 3307 PC!  I bet the two of us had similarly close numbers that day we both registered our cards at the BMV.  I think it’s going to be a long while before I find 3309 PC or 3304 PC.

In other news: It’s my brithday.  I’m celebrating at Novare Res tonight.  I’ll pass 150 beers in the uprising.