Is this a triumph?

Posted by Jim on Nov 14th, 2014
Nov 14

Take a look at this new security robot outlined in this post:


After reading that is uses laser scanning to monitor an area, I’m a little scared to say I immediately thought of these guys:


Somebody call Chell.

A Commercial Free Experience

Posted by Jim on Nov 13th, 2014
Nov 13

I was just introduced to a piece of software that will be very helpful to the staff and students of Falmouth Middle School. AdwareMedic is a small Mac utility that removes Adware from any system it is run on. In my role as computer tech for Falmouth Middle, I have seen lots of Adware. Occasionally I spend the time needed to search through the system to remove unwanted files, but most of the time, the students’ laptops are so infected, it’s easier for me to reimage the device and let the student start over. We’re a Google Apps school, so all student work is supposed to be backed up to Google Drive, which makes reimaging an easy process, although a long one. I’d rather get the student’s device back into his or her hands as quickly as possible, and I think AdwareMedic will let me do that. It’s made the same person who runs The Safe Mac, a blog I’m going to start reading.


Posted by Jim on Dec 17th, 2009
Dec 17

I’ve created a Twitter account that will be used exclusively for updates related to this blog.  You can follow it by visiting @SoundsInside.  I’ll let my follower’s know when a new post has been published to this site, as well as other interesting tidbits related to The Sounds Inside My Mind.  The most recent update from this account will always be displayed in the sidebar, underneath my main Twitter account’s recent tweets.

Winter Changes

Posted by Jim on Dec 1st, 2009
Dec 1

I decided to update my desktop picture today to reflect the change of the season.  What do you think?

Winter '09-'10 Desktop

The picture is a piece of original digital art by my friend Steven Albert.  It a background from the animated film Balto, which Steven worked on.

In case you are curious, the icons in my menu bar represent Meteorologist, Adium (with the 1Up menu bar icon xtra), GrowlTunes, Library Books, iScrobbler, Spaces, Time Machine, Bluetooth, AirPort, Battery, iStat Menus Time & Date and Spotlight.

My dock has Finder, Safari, Firefox, Adium (with a Darth Vader icon xtra that doesn’t appear to be available any more), iChat, Mail, Tweetdeck, Address Book, Stickies, NeoOffice,, Text Wrangler, Text Edit, iTunes, FrostWire, Transmission, CyberDuck, iPhoto, System Preferences, Terminal, Activity Monitor, Console, Network Utility, AirPort Utility, Disk Utility, my downloads folder and the Trash.

Netflix Watch Instantly for your Commadore 64

Posted by Jim on Mar 18th, 2009
Mar 18

Who needs on demand hi def movies?  Check this out for some old fashioned streaming:

Open up a terminal application and enter the following command:


Sit back and enjoy the show!

New favorite distraction

Posted by Jim on Apr 29th, 2008
Apr 29

Have you checked out twistori yet?  It’s an anonymous tweet aggregator based around six keywords: love, hate, think, believe, feel, and wish.  Every tweet posted to twitter‘s public stream that contains one of these words is collected and displayed, with the poster’s account information stripped away.  The scrolling presentation is really great; it’s what that news feed at the bottom of the cable news networks should be: extremely addictive.

So far, in the five minutes I’ve been watching the feed, I’ve seen a “love” entry about GTAIV and a “hate” one—although the hate one was hating friends who make you wait for them to arrive before you can open your copy of the game.

One last comment: I’m really impressed how twistori has spread across the internet.  The site went live yesterday with virtually no fanfare, just two tweets stating it’s existence.  Today, it’s the big thing on lots of tech blogs.  Check out one of the creator’s thoughts here.

Taking Secrets to the Grave

Posted by Jim on Dec 21st, 2007
Dec 21

One of my favorite Apple news sites, Think Secret, has shut down as part of a lawsuit settlement with Apple Inc.  Sadly, I’ve removed the link from the sidebar.  I’ll keep it in my Google Reader, just in case anything ever pops up on the feed again.

In other news, I’m sick and stayed home form work today, in hopes of feeling better before Nissa and I head out to visit all of our parents in the next few days.

Friday Night is for Nerding

Posted by Jim on Nov 9th, 2007
Nov 9

My new MacBook arrived at work today!  It looks like my big plans of going out and socializing this evening may have to be put on hold so I can set it up.

The additional RAM I ordered, as well as my new Wacom bluetooth tablet arrived yesterday, so all I was waiting on was the laptop.  Now that it is here, it’ll be a whole new computing experience.  I’ll post my reactions to the new machine, Leopard, using a tablet, and dual-booting into Ubuntu soon.

Laptop Time

Posted by Jim on Nov 1st, 2007
Nov 1

Late last night, Apple released the rumored update to it’s MacBook line.  This was the sign I was waiting for to tell me it’s time to buy a new machine.  There are so many things about the new MacBooks that I’m excited about: Leopard and all it’s features, a fast Intel processor, the ability to dual-boot ito Ubuntu, a DVD burner, Airport Extreme wireless speeds, a huge hard drive for my music; the list goes on.  I’m going to supplement my new machine with a Wacom bluetooth tablet.  With that, I can get down to business on my comic book ideas, and start posting those!  I’ll think I’ll put together my order tonight, so by this time next week I could very well be posting from a shiny new machine!

First Oink, now Onik

Posted by Jim on Oct 29th, 2007
Oct 29

As you may have heard, the file-trading site Oink was shut down last week; a great disappointment to music lovers/snobs everywhere. But what you may not have heard is the news that hits a little closer to home: prolific local tagger ‘Onik’ has been sentenced to two years in prison for his widespread vandalism. I understand graffiti as art (the other day I was stopped at the train tracks at the Congress and St. John streets intersection, and some of the graffiti painted on the train was quite beautiful; I wished that the train was stopped somewhere so I could photograph it), but just writing your name all over town on people’s windows and doors is silly. What does that accomplish? Were his myspace friends that impressed?

In other news: how ’bout them Sox?

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