First Oink, now Onik

Posted by Jim on Oct 29th, 2007
Oct 29

As you may have heard, the file-trading site Oink was shut down last week; a great disappointment to music lovers/snobs everywhere. But what you may not have heard is the news that hits a little closer to home: prolific local tagger ‘Onik’ has been sentenced to two years in prison for his widespread vandalism. I understand graffiti as art (the other day I was stopped at the train tracks at the Congress and St. John streets intersection, and some of the graffiti painted on the train was quite beautiful; I wished that the train was stopped somewhere so I could photograph it), but just writing your name all over town on people’s windows and doors is silly. What does that accomplish? Were his myspace friends that impressed?

In other news: how ’bout them Sox?