New favorite distraction

Posted by Jim on Apr 29th, 2008
Apr 29

Have you checked out twistori yet?  It’s an anonymous tweet aggregator based around six keywords: love, hate, think, believe, feel, and wish.  Every tweet posted to twitter‘s public stream that contains one of these words is collected and displayed, with the poster’s account information stripped away.  The scrolling presentation is really great; it’s what that news feed at the bottom of the cable news networks should be: extremely addictive.

So far, in the five minutes I’ve been watching the feed, I’ve seen a “love” entry about GTAIV and a “hate” one—although the hate one was hating friends who make you wait for them to arrive before you can open your copy of the game.

One last comment: I’m really impressed how twistori has spread across the internet.  The site went live yesterday with virtually no fanfare, just two tweets stating it’s existence.  Today, it’s the big thing on lots of tech blogs.  Check out one of the creator’s thoughts here.