Posted by Jim on Dec 17th, 2009
Dec 17

I’ve created a Twitter account that will be used exclusively for updates related to this blog.  You can follow it by visiting @SoundsInside.  I’ll let my follower’s know when a new post has been published to this site, as well as other interesting tidbits related to The Sounds Inside My Mind.  The most recent update from this account will always be displayed in the sidebar, underneath my main Twitter account’s recent tweets.

Netflix Watch Instantly for your Commadore 64

Posted by Jim on Mar 18th, 2009
Mar 18

Who needs on demand hi def movies?  Check this out for some old fashioned streaming:

Open up a terminal application and enter the following command:

telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl

Sit back and enjoy the show!

Tweet! Tweet! Read all about it!

Posted by Jim on Aug 29th, 2008
Aug 29

One of my IT coworkers just walked in to my office and asked if I had heard about McCain’s VP choice.  I said yes, she’s the govenor of Alaska.  He was shocked that I already knew about it.  “How did you find out so fast?” he asked.  I told him I had read it on CNN’s webpage, but the truth is that I heard it through Twitter.  Isn’t that really the fastest way to convey any information these days?  I didn’t want to get into a long conversation with my coworker about what Twitter is and why I use it.  Suffice to say, this little event made me glad I use Twitter.

New favorite distraction

Posted by Jim on Apr 29th, 2008
Apr 29

Have you checked out twistori yet?  It’s an anonymous tweet aggregator based around six keywords: love, hate, think, believe, feel, and wish.  Every tweet posted to twitter‘s public stream that contains one of these words is collected and displayed, with the poster’s account information stripped away.  The scrolling presentation is really great; it’s what that news feed at the bottom of the cable news networks should be: extremely addictive.

So far, in the five minutes I’ve been watching the feed, I’ve seen a “love” entry about GTAIV and a “hate” one—although the hate one was hating friends who make you wait for them to arrive before you can open your copy of the game.

One last comment: I’m really impressed how twistori has spread across the internet.  The site went live yesterday with virtually no fanfare, just two tweets stating it’s existence.  Today, it’s the big thing on lots of tech blogs.  Check out one of the creator’s thoughts here.

LOL Analytics

Posted by Jim on Apr 16th, 2008
Apr 16

I was checking out my web stats to see what kinds of search terms bring people to my site.  Surprisingly, one was jim flanagan cats.  Even more surprising is that my site is the second result for this search term.  I’m also glad that someone stumbled upon my site by looking for an autograph of the Singing Nun.

In other news, Nissa and I are still looking for a house to buy.  We found one we liked that we put a low-ball offer on.  The people selling the house also received another offer the same which must have been higher than ours, for they decided to negotiate with the other prospective buyers.  We’ll be looking a three houses in South Portland later today, one of which looks very promising.  I hope we can find something soon.  I’d really like to get out of our apartment when the lease ends on May 31.

Davis in ’08

Posted by Jim on Feb 27th, 2008
Feb 27

If you thought Lasagna Cat was funny, you’ll love Garfield Minus Garfield, where the author (dare I say it) improves upon the genius of Jim Davis by removing Garfield from the strips.  This entry is a guaranteed lol.

Sounds Inside My Television

Posted by Jim on Feb 22nd, 2008
Feb 22

I’ve been enjoying Season 4 of LOST so far. In fact, I think I’m addicted to it. From Friday mornings until the next episode airs, I’m constantly reading fan sites
for insight, information and theories. One of the more light-hearted fixes I take part in is the MySpace band “Previously On Lost,” who recap each aired episode with a funny song. Hypeful had entries on their site with links to the first two recap songs (1, 2), but have not yet posted number three and have removed the direct download links from the first two songs. All the songs are available on the band’s MySpace page though, either through streaming or through a storefront right on the MySpace page.  Very convenient!  Go support LOST obsessed independent artists and enjoy some fun music.

Previously on Lost on MySpace

Update: I’ve removed the information on getting the mp3 files per the band’s request and edited the post to reflect this.  If I hadn’t, I think the band would have fed me to the smoke monster.

Coming Soon

Posted by Jim on Feb 16th, 2008
Feb 16

PlaceHolder.com is a place holder site.  That makes me very happy.

Favorite Band Game

Posted by Jim on Jan 17th, 2008
Jan 17

Following the rules set out on The Accordion Guy’s blog, construct a dada album cover.

  1. The band’s name comes from the random Wikipedia entry link
  2. The album title is constructed from the last four words of the final quote on Quotations.com’s random entries page
  3. For the cover art, use the third image on Flickr’s interesting photos page

By using these three links, I have created “Time To Ask Questions” by Roman Legion!


A Glove-slap to the Face

Posted by Jim on Dec 23rd, 2007
Dec 23

I’ve started playing a new game online: Duels.  It’s an RPG based on arena style combat.  It’s a little silly, but I’m enjoying it.  Try it out—just be sure to list me as a reference!

My character’s name is Sendhil; you can view my unimpressive record on my profile page.

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