Taking Secrets to the Grave

Posted by Jim on Dec 21st, 2007
Dec 21

One of my favorite Apple news sites, Think Secret, has shut down as part of a lawsuit settlement with Apple Inc.  Sadly, I’ve removed the link from the sidebar.  I’ll keep it in my Google Reader, just in case anything ever pops up on the feed again.

In other news, I’m sick and stayed home form work today, in hopes of feeling better before Nissa and I head out to visit all of our parents in the next few days.

In Good Company

Posted by Jim on Dec 20th, 2007
Dec 20

I’ve just discovered that the hosting company I use, the always great Laughing Squid, is sponsoring the ROFLcon, a meeting of the greatest personalities the internet has to offer.  More information about the sponsorship and the conference itself can be found here.

Best Thing on the Internet Today

Posted by Jim on Nov 30th, 2007
Nov 30

Stereogum has a great thread going about the greatest fictional musicians. One of the comment made me laugh out loud; it’s in reference to a single line comment of “Jesse and the Rippers.”

I had to Google who the hell Jesse and the Rippers are. You’re a homo for knowing that.

What makes this extra funny for me is that I know exactly who Jesse and the Rippers are, and though that was a funny suggestion, but it’s that comment I posted above that really takes the cake.  Comedy gold.

It’s a Piece of Cake

Posted by Jim on Oct 26th, 2007
Oct 26

Considering all the time I spend looking at useless crap on the internet, I can’t believe that I missed this whole cake song phenomenon. Yes, it’s stupid, but I think this video is really funny. I was turned on to it’s existence by finding this movie on digg. In the link’s thread, I learned that this compilation of Internet memes was just a rip-off of this YTMND. In the YMTND animation, one of the the references I didn’t get was to a “cake song.” I searched, and came up with this wiki page, which is how I discovered the aforementioned video. All these movies a quite funny, and make a lot more sense once you’ve been clued in on their in-jokes. Anyway, here’s the original Lazytown (AKA cake song) YTMND and some good variations.

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