It’s a Piece of Cake

Posted by Jim on Oct 26th, 2007
Oct 26

Considering all the time I spend looking at useless crap on the internet, I can’t believe that I missed this whole cake song phenomenon. Yes, it’s stupid, but I think this video is really funny. I was turned on to it’s existence by finding this movie on digg. In the link’s thread, I learned that this compilation of Internet memes was just a rip-off of this YTMND. In the YMTND animation, one of the the references I didn’t get was to a “cake song.” I searched, and came up with this wiki page, which is how I discovered the aforementioned video. All these movies a quite funny, and make a lot more sense once you’ve been clued in on their in-jokes. Anyway, here’s the original Lazytown (AKA cake song) YTMND and some good variations.