Sounds Inside My Television

Posted by Jim on Feb 22nd, 2008
Feb 22

I’ve been enjoying Season 4 of LOST so far. In fact, I think I’m addicted to it. From Friday mornings until the next episode airs, I’m constantly reading fan sites
for insight, information and theories. One of the more light-hearted fixes I take part in is the MySpace band “Previously On Lost,” who recap each aired episode with a funny song. Hypeful had entries on their site with links to the first two recap songs (1, 2), but have not yet posted number three and have removed the direct download links from the first two songs. All the songs are available on the band’s MySpace page though, either through streaming or through a storefront right on the MySpace page.  Very convenient!  Go support LOST obsessed independent artists and enjoy some fun music.

Previously on Lost on MySpace

Update: I’ve removed the information on getting the mp3 files per the band’s request and edited the post to reflect this.  If I hadn’t, I think the band would have fed me to the smoke monster.