A Quick Thought

Posted by Jim on May 28th, 2010
May 28

So I read this article on the Forecaster, about the sentencing of the woman who drunkenly crashed into a police car last December (ironically, the office was pulled over and in the process of arresting a different drunk driver).  What stood out to me was not her jail time (3 years, all but 90 days suspended), or her loss of her driver’s license, but that she cannot posses alcohol for three years.  This made me wonder, what if she had a rather large wine or beer collection?  Does that mean she has to give away everything that is in her cellar?  That could be a real hardship for a serious collector; and I don’t mean because you don’t get to keep your alcohol.  It could be hard to find someone who wants all of your bottle on short notice.  What if the collection had to be destroyed?  It’s bad enough that you could have possibly hurt yourself or someone else by drunk driving, but also causing a collection of beer and wine to be destroyed?  That’s a great reason not to drink and drive.