21rst at 76

Posted by Jim on Dec 4th, 2009
Dec 4

Tomorrow is Repeal Day, the 76th anniversary of the ratification of the 21rst amendment, which repealed the 18th and made alcohol legal once again!  One way I’m honoring that great act is by buying and consuming some exceptional beers.

I made a trip to Downeast Beverage yesterday afternoon, whilst waiting for 4 pm to roll around and for Novare Res to open its doors.  I really shouldn’t go here alone, especially with a fat wallet, as I always see so many beers I want to purchase, and I usually end up buying most of what I want.  I limited myself to four bottles, all of which look to be exceptional.  I picked up a 750 ml of Fantome Noel, which is the third different Fantome selection I’ve added to my cellar since the fall.  It’s such a great brewery, I feel really lucky that I am able to find so many different Fantome products in Maine.

I also bought myself a bottle of Weyerbacher XIII, their anniversary beer from 2008.  I already had a bottle of the Twelve and the fourteen should still be on store shelves; once I pick one up, I’ll have a bit of a vertical going.  That’s pretty exciting!

Lastly, I bought two 12 oz bottles of J.W. Lees Harvest Ale.  One is from 2007, which I’ll save until 2017 so Nissa and I can drink it on our tenth wedding anniversary.  The other bottle is the port cask aged variety and it dates from 2005.  This is my favorite style of the cask aged series.  I’ll probably drink it soon, maybe for Christmas or New Years.

Tomorrow, on Repeal Day, Nissa and I will be traveling to a home in Biddeford to take part in the first meeting of the Southern Maine Beer Drinkers Group, a collection of beer enthusiasts who met on Beer Advocate.  There will be some exceptional beers on offer tomorrow.  I’ll do a full write up of what I got try after the meeting.

Finally, tonight is the First Friday Art Walk in Portland.  I’ll be headed out to the Two Point Gallery to meet the folks behind Rum Riot Brewing Company.  There isn’t much information on this group (at least not that I could find), but apparently they only offer there beers in two ways: on draught at a specific gallery on First Friday or in a bottle/growler by contacting the brewery directly.  I hope that their beer is good, as I’d love to think I’ve discovered a new source of excellent beer from right here in the Portland area.  If you get a chance, make your way to 564 Congress at 5pm and join me for a beer you most likely have never tried before.  Plus, it’s free!

Winter Changes

Posted by Jim on Dec 1st, 2009
Dec 1

I decided to update my desktop picture today to reflect the change of the season.  What do you think?

Winter '09-'10 Desktop

The picture is a piece of original digital art by my friend Steven Albert.  It a background from the animated film Balto, which Steven worked on.

In case you are curious, the icons in my menu bar represent Meteorologist, Adium (with the 1Up menu bar icon xtra), GrowlTunes, Library Books, iScrobbler, Spaces, Time Machine, Bluetooth, AirPort, Battery, iStat Menus Time & Date and Spotlight.

My dock has Finder, Safari, Firefox, Adium (with a Darth Vader icon xtra that doesn’t appear to be available any more), iChat, Mail, Tweetdeck, Address Book, Stickies, NeoOffice, OpenOffice.org, Text Wrangler, Text Edit, iTunes, FrostWire, Transmission, CyberDuck, iPhoto, System Preferences, Terminal, Activity Monitor, Console, Network Utility, AirPort Utility, Disk Utility, my downloads folder and the Trash.

My Old School

Posted by Jim on Nov 18th, 2008
Nov 18

This is exactly how I remember Bowdoin, except in color.  Tons more images available via the LIFE maganize archives hosted at Google.  Some highlights: Party on the Rocks, dorm life, a bonfire, the old guard, and a visit to Colby.

Davis in ’08

Posted by Jim on Feb 27th, 2008
Feb 27

If you thought Lasagna Cat was funny, you’ll love Garfield Minus Garfield, where the author (dare I say it) improves upon the genius of Jim Davis by removing Garfield from the strips.  This entry is a guaranteed lol.

The Future of Sock Monkey Art

Posted by Jim on Feb 17th, 2008
Feb 17

I just came across this on Etsy: Obi-Wan Kenobi Sock Monkey

Friends, this is where the school of sock monkey art is headed. In a few years, we’ll all be making Star Wars themed sock based creations. A piece of PEZ from my R2D2 dispenser to the first person who sends me a picture of a Sock Nien Nunb.