Dry Hopped and Delicious

Posted by Jim on Jun 15th, 2012
Jun 15

Founders Centennial IPA


A slightly chilled bottle dated 05/21/12 is poured into a pint glass.

A clear copper liquid fills my glass. Plenty of clinging carbonation can be seen in the upper half of the vessel. The top inch is filled with a light tan foam head. The occasional bubble rises up from the bottle of the glass.

A strong hop aroma can be detected while the beer is poured. Getting closer to the glass, I can smell big juicy citrus hops. Floral notes are in abundance. It’s an enticing bouquet.

The beer has a strong caramel malt base that holds up under all of the hop flavors. Bitter oils are present through out each sip. It is mostly floral, with a little bit of pink grapefruit. After swallowing, an earthy/pine hop flavor remains. This is a big, bold IPA. I feel as though I can taste every one of the 65 IBU’s.

The beer has a full body and low carbonation. There isn’t too much stickiness, but I can feel some on both my lips and the roof of my mouth.

Big IPAs always seem to come from near the coast (whether it be East or West), so it is refreshing to have such a top notch IPA coming out of Michigan. I tend to associate Founders with it’s malty offerings (stouts, Scotch ales, old ales, etc.), this is my first exposure to one of their hop-centric beers. I am impressed. I’m really glad I can now buy their beers here in Maine. I feel that I’ll be enjoying many bottles of it.