Summer Fashion

Posted by Jim on Apr 7th, 2009
Apr 7

On Saturday, I found a nice white linen jacket at the Portland Salvation Army. I’ve always wanted a linen jacket, and this one fit perfectly!  So, despite a stain on one cuff, I bought it.  Hopefully dry cleaning will remove the stain.

I’m not sure what I’ll wear to go along with the new jacket.  I have a nice pair of bright blue pants from LL Bean that I think will go well, but they aren’t very fancy.  LL Bean and Land’s End both have some nice dress pants I’m thinking about purchasing, either in a darker blue or green.  For a top, I am leaning towards a pale yellow Oxford shirt.  I want pink silk pocket square; nothing says classy like a silk pocket square.  Lastly, I want to get this bow tie.  I like bow ties much mroe than regular neck ties.  Although, I’m of the opinion that a white linen jacket is the second best garment to wear with an ascot (a red velvet smoking jacket is the best), so perhaps I’ll need to invest in one of those as well…