What’s Brewing

Posted by Jim on Mar 29th, 2009
Mar 29

Today Nissa and I began the Lincoln Street Brewing Company when made our first batch of beer.  After buying some used brewing equipment this past week, we went to Maine Brewing Supply today to purchase a homebrew kit.  We decided on a red ale, and have named it Beer Drinks You Red Ale.  After mixing and boiling the ingredients, they are now in the fermenter, a 5 gallon glass carboy.

The beer will remain here for a week to ferment.  We will then bottle it.  It spends four weeks carbonating in the bottle.  We’ll be able to drink our first creation the first weekend of May.  We’re already planning on returning to the supply shop to pick up ingredients for batch #2, a pale ale, which we’ll start fermenting as soon as the red has been bottled.