Twitter Updates for 2009-03-24

Posted by Jim on Mar 24th, 2009
Mar 24
  • Spent Saturday at my Parents’ house. Picked up some old posters and things to decorate my office with. April break = redecorate. #
  • Good film review: “There’s no real narrative; more like a bunch of scenes held together by the fact they’re all in the same movie.” #
  • Whiie @ladybugger is at her book group tonight, I think I’ll watch some concert films. #
  • I love discovering new beers at the store; tonight, Kennebec River Sled Head Red. Also picked up a bottle of Brooklyn Local 2. #
  • I didn’t hear the heat come on when I thought it was supposed to, but it kicked in a couple minutes later. I guess I was up too early today. #

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