Twitter Updates for 2009-11-15

Posted by Jim on Nov 15th, 2009
Nov 15
  • Doing some on-line Christmas shopping and enjoying a @HeavySeasBeer Winter Storm, a great ESB #
  • Expensive beer sighting: RSVP has around 20 Sam Adams Utopias in stock, priced $140 each (if I recall correctly, I didn't buy one) #
  • Ohio State is up at the half, Christmas shopping is going well, and it's warm & dry inside; this is a good Saturday! #
  • @GriffinClubMerv How about the folks who worked on the Black Cauldron? It's basically forgotten by Disney. Even Song of the South has a ride in reply to GriffinClubMerv #
  • Was that Tom Brokaw VOing the Iowa State ad? Wikipedia says he dropped out after studying "beer and co-eds" (his quote [citation needed]) #
  • @robasha Watched the Counterfeiter on your recommendation tonight. It's was really good. Thanks! #

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