It’s a beer nerd Christmas!

Posted by Jim on Dec 11th, 2009
Dec 11

This afternoon, Novare Res opens its doors for a very special event.  They are presenting a line-up of kegs and bottles that the beer drinking public of Portland haven’t seen since…well, since Eric hosted his one year anniversary event at Novare.  Most of the beers on offer are extremely rare, all will be excellent to sample.  I don’t think my wallet will allow me to try as many as I’d like!  Some highlights include bottle pours of Sam Adams Utopias and De Struise Earthmonk; there will also be kegs of Birra Del Borgo Duchessic Ale, Mikkeller Black and Draft Bear, Sierra Nevada/Dogfish Head Life & Limb, Smuttynose Oaked Farmhouse, and a 2006 cask of J.W. Lees Harvest Ale that has been aged in sherry barrels!  I’ve been looking forward to this event since it was announced, and once the beer list was posted, it’s been nearly all I’ve thought about.

For some reasoning behind my excitement, be aware that the SA Utopias is a 27% ABV beverage that is more like cognac than beer and retails for $150+ a bottle.  The Earthmonk is only brewed once every two years and is limited to 5000 bottles; it is highly sought after.  The Duchessic is an Italian saison that has been blended with Cantillon lambic and sounds incredibly delicious.  The two Mikkeller beers are both very difficult to obtain in a bottle; to have kegs of them on hand is unheard of.  One is a black as night stout brewed with champagne yeast; the other is an impressive pilsner.  Although Mikkeller is Danish, both of these beers were brewed in Belgium at the De Proef Brouwerij.  The Life & Limb is the current hype beer in America.  Everyone wants to try it.  No one can find it.  Only four cases of bottles were delivered to Maine, two to RSVP and one each to Whole Foods and Tully’s.  It sold out almost instantly.  This is the first chance most of us will get to have it (and probably the last time until January, when it will be on draft for one night at the Great Lost Bear).  Smutty’s Farmhosue is one of, if not my favorite beer they produce.  Having an oaked variety available is like seeing your favorite band perform your favorite album in concert; it won’t be exactly the same as you remember it, but it will be a great experience.  Lastly, JW Lees Sherry is a close cousin to the JW Lees Port, perhaps my favorite beer of all time.  To walk into Novare tonight and not order it should be criminal. [Yes, I believe that, even with all of the other great beers available.  That’s why we have Home Runners.]

The full list of beers, as well as other details, are available at the Novare Res website.