Twitter Updates for 2009-07-25

Posted by Jim on Jul 25th, 2009
Jul 25
  • Going to be brewing an IPA tonight. I want to name it 301 IPA, but I'll see what @ladybugger suggests #
  • Reusing my FB status: I want a soft serve ice cream machine that serves mac+cheese; yellow cheddar, white cheddar & swirl. #
  • Any homebrewers have a good old ale recipe? I'm not ready to brew a partial or all grain recipe yet, so it's needs to use extracts. #
  • @jchristie I say yes. Die Hard and Emmet Otter would make the best holiday double feature ever. in reply to jchristie #
  • Homemade pasta and sauce for dinner. Now brewing beer. I never thought I'd be this crafty. #
  • Off to Lamoine State Park and the Bar Harbor breweries. That's a good Saturday. #

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