Advice to the Experts

Posted by Jim on Nov 8th, 2007
Nov 8

David Dye interviewing Britt Daniel of the band Spoon, discussing AM radio: “You’d get the Singing Nuns—you know the Singing Nuns? They did a French song, Dominique.”

Interviewee Britt Daniel, sounding bored and confused: “Uh huh.”

Dye again, sounding excited: “It doesn’t matter. You should go look it up. Awful song. Catchy as hell. It’d drive you crazy.”

Daniel, still bored: “Uh huh.”

I’m glad someone with vast musical knowledge and influence like David Dye uses his great opportunity to talk with one of the best and brightest musicians today about something as important and influential as the Singing Nun.

Hear the entire Spoon concert and subsequent interview at All Songs Considered.

A related note: I once found the Singing Nun’s record at a Goodwill. I snatched that great piece of vinyl right up and gave it to my friend Jeff, the biggest Singing Nun fan I know.