That Girl

Posted by Jim on Dec 29th, 2007
Dec 29


Relaxin' With Ellie



On Christmas Day, our beloved cat Ellie revealed to us a serious hear condition that rapidly proved to be fatal. Franklin, Nissa and I all loved her so much and really miss her. She was always ready to be pet or snuggled. She loved to play fetch and hide in boxes or under a blanket. She chortled like Yoda and loved to knock small objects off of tables. She was a great pet. Head over to my Flickr page to see some pictures I’ve collected of her, or click on the above photo to be taken to a slideshow.

Join the Club

Posted by Jim on Dec 5th, 2007
Dec 5

Tonight, my lovely wife Nissa will join me in membership in one of great exclusive clubs: the Shipyard Ale Society.  Feel like joining us for a pint and some free loot?  Just show up at the Great Lost Bear any time after 6pm tonight, we’ll probably be there.  If you can’t make it this month, the Society has regular meetings at GLB on the first Wednesday of every month.  Of course, showing up at GLB only nets you the free goodies (my membership initiation included a pint glass, t-shirt, lapel pin and 2 Sea Dogs tickets); to actually join the Society, all you need to do is crack open and enjoy a fine Shipyard beer.  May I suggest a Prelude?  I say it’s their best beer, and it’s only available in the winter months.

Last Minute Substitution

Posted by Jim on Oct 21st, 2007
Oct 21

Nissa and I went shopping for Halloween costumes today.  I was looking for a bathrobe to complete my “The Dude” costume, and she was looking for a fancy dress to be a corpse bride.  Neither of us found what we were looking for, but I was hit with a burst of inspiration, and we’re going to have much better costumes than we originally planned.  Want to know what they are?  Well, I guess you’ll just have to come to our Halloween party (or wait for me to post some pictures to Flickr).

Nerding it up at the Library

Posted by Jim on Oct 20th, 2007
Oct 20

Nissa and I are at Merrill Memorial Library setting up a Ubuntu server so we can install Koha on it. Koha is an open source ILS (intergrated library system). Nissa hopes it will replace her library’s current ILS, which is out of date and no longer supported by its developer.

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