Favorite Band Game

Posted by Jim on Jan 17th, 2008
Jan 17

Following the rules set out on The Accordion Guy’s blog, construct a dada album cover.

  1. The band’s name comes from the random Wikipedia entry link
  2. The album title is constructed from the last four words of the final quote on Quotations.com’s random entries page
  3. For the cover art, use the third image on Flickr’s interesting photos page

By using these three links, I have created “Time To Ask Questions” by Roman Legion!


Are they students or are they cats?

Posted by Jim on Jan 11th, 2008
Jan 11

Just overheard in the hallway, an anonymous middle schooler: “We’re having cheeseburgers today?!

Merry Christmas!

Posted by Jim on Dec 24th, 2007
Dec 24

Enjoy these highlights from the greatest holiday film of all time!


Posted by Jim on Dec 6th, 2007
Dec 6

Last night at the Great Lost Bear, Luke, Nissa and I came up with a fun game that perfectly complements sitting around with friends and drinking Shipyard Preludes: invent outlandish movie cossovers.  Here’s how you do it: select two or three unrelated movie characters you’d like to see make a movie together, and then pick a film’s plot and setting.  It works best when each item is from a different movie.  For example:  Data from Star Trek: TNG, Ruby from The Fifth Element, and Kathrine Zeta-Jones’ character from The Phantom doing It’s a Wonderful Life set to the backdrop of A Very Long Engagement.  Doesn’t that sound like something you’d want to see?

Best Thing on the Internet Today

Posted by Jim on Nov 30th, 2007
Nov 30

Stereogum has a great thread going about the greatest fictional musicians. One of the comment made me laugh out loud; it’s in reference to a single line comment of “Jesse and the Rippers.”

I had to Google who the hell Jesse and the Rippers are. You’re a homo for knowing that.

What makes this extra funny for me is that I know exactly who Jesse and the Rippers are, and though that was a funny suggestion, but it’s that comment I posted above that really takes the cake.  Comedy gold.

It’s a Piece of Cake

Posted by Jim on Oct 26th, 2007
Oct 26

Considering all the time I spend looking at useless crap on the internet, I can’t believe that I missed this whole cake song phenomenon. Yes, it’s stupid, but I think this video is really funny. I was turned on to it’s existence by finding this movie on digg. In the link’s thread, I learned that this compilation of Internet memes was just a rip-off of this YTMND. In the YMTND animation, one of the the references I didn’t get was to a “cake song.” I searched, and came up with this wiki page, which is how I discovered the aforementioned video. All these movies a quite funny, and make a lot more sense once you’ve been clued in on their in-jokes. Anyway, here’s the original Lazytown (AKA cake song) YTMND and some good variations.

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