Twitter Updates for 2009-07-30

Posted by Jim on Jul 30th, 2009
Jul 30
  • Found out @ladybugger and I will be spending 2 nights at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge in January, with rooms overlooking the animals. #
  • We'll only have 1 day to go to the parks, so we'll probably spend it at Animal Kingdom and enjoying the hotel's amenities (AKA: the pool). #
  • @space538 I loved tht show. I own the Lost Season DVD; still waiting for seasons 1 & 2 to get an official release. in reply to space538 #
  • @space538 Not quite as good as the show itself, as the episodes weren't finished when it got canceled, but still enjoyable. in reply to space538 #
  • My favorite Sifl & Olly skit: #
  • Nearly every ine has become a personal joke for @ladybugger and I. Step thump. Step thump. #
  • @space538 @vik44 @mdesjardins That's my favorite Word With Chester! in reply to space538 #
  • Have you seen this "new" Ghostbusters trailer? Hilarious and well-made. Via @laughingsquid #
  • @JustinNXT I heard he was searching for some cans of Billy Beer. in reply to JustinNXT #
  • Purchased $78 of ingredients (including 9 lbs. of malt) to brew an Old Ale tomorrow night. It gets dry hopped for 21 days! YUM. #
  • Tweeting from Tweetdeck on my Mac while I install Tweetdeck on a Dell running Ubuntu NBR. Now that's meta. #
  • Just watched A Decade Under the Influence, all about 70's independent cinema. Any 70's film recommendations? Difficulty: I was a film minor. #
  • Trying a bottle of Spring Peeper Ale by the all-new Portland Beer Company. It's good stuff; pick some up if you can. #
  • @GriffinClubMerv I have seen it. I love that Evans himself narrates it (even if it is taken from the audiobook) in reply to GriffinClubMerv #

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