Riding out this rainstorm with a Squall

Posted by Jim on Jul 2nd, 2009
Jul 2

Dogfish Head Squall

B+ / 3.9
look: 3.5 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | drink: 4

Served from the Rogue’s Gallery designed 750 ml bottle split into two standard pint glasses. Pours a translucent, partly cloudy amber. The cloudiness is due to us pouring out the bottle and mixing in the sediment. There is a thin white head of large bubbles. Some lacing, but nothing too impressive. Hoppy aroma, with some grassy scents and some pine. Hops up front in the taste, which last through until the bitter hop finish that lingers. There is a sweetness at first, but not a malty sweetness, more like a natural sweetness, such as honey or a simple syrup. There is a healthy amount of carbonation that tickles your tongue while you drink. It has a medium body; it goes from feeling thin to syrupy as you move the beer around your mouth. All in all, I find the Squall to be an enjoyable beer. I don’t think I would buy it over the 60 or 90 minute if all I wanted was an IPA, but if your a fan of Dogfish Head’s IPAs, I recommend you try it at least once, especially if you live in one of the lucky areas where it is sold. If I somehow had access to a number of bottles of it, I would certainly be able to drink it all night.

In other beer review news, I’ll post the reviews of the beers I had yesterday at the Lion’s Pride after tomorrow, when I go back for my second visit.  I hope I stay sober enough to review the special beers Chirs has reserved for the BA‘s.