Radio Star

Posted by Jim on May 27th, 2008
May 27

WMPG has seen fit to give me a regular show, airing 4-6:30am on Monday mornings.  You’ll notice a new entry in the links listed above, WMPG Playlists, where I’ll be posting my weekly playlists and other important information (such as how you can listen to the show live over the internet).  There is one entry there, from the first show I did, which was on this past Monday.  Sorry I didn’t get the word out sooner, but I didn’t find out until late on Friday that I got the show, and Nissa and I have been busy with moving.  Still, you’ve now been informed.  So if you find yourself up an ungodly early hour on a Monday, and you ahppen to be near a radio or a computer, give my show a listen.