Join the Club

Posted by Jim on Dec 5th, 2007
Dec 5

Tonight, my lovely wife Nissa will join me in membership in one of great exclusive clubs: the Shipyard Ale Society.  Feel like joining us for a pint and some free loot?  Just show up at the Great Lost Bear any time after 6pm tonight, we’ll probably be there.  If you can’t make it this month, the Society has regular meetings at GLB on the first Wednesday of every month.  Of course, showing up at GLB only nets you the free goodies (my membership initiation included a pint glass, t-shirt, lapel pin and 2 Sea Dogs tickets); to actually join the Society, all you need to do is crack open and enjoy a fine Shipyard beer.  May I suggest a Prelude?  I say it’s their best beer, and it’s only available in the winter months.